One new skill I’ve gained ever since lock-down was playing a game of minesweeper. Best part is, I know how to win it! Umm, most of the times (I make a lot of silly moves). We all played minesweeper when we were kids. Clicking on random boxes without knowing how…

I started traveling through time and space for you.
Time is bounded, isn’t it? Even if they say it’s infinite, it’s bounded for you and me and the time we spend together. A moment in space with you should’ve been enough to last a lifetime but time is relative and feelings…

maybe when things go back to normal again, i’ll tell you what you mean to me. and maybe when things go back to normal again, you too will realize what i mean to you. you will, won’t you?

while i’m waiting for you at the gate because i’m scared to cross the road alone, maybe in that moment you will realize i want to cross paths with you alone. maybe in that moment, you will hear my heart pounding in my chest.

maybe then you’ll understand why they say what they say about having someone who loves you. but i won’t know how it feels. not unless you feel the same way for me and tell me that because i don’t know what it feels like to be loved.

and maybe in that moment, i will realize the certainty in all my maybe’s.

neha radharapu

Image taken from Euphoria — HBO series

Running wild and free, what has been your point of friction? Don’t tell me you haven’t stopped running. It gets tiring and you wish to live in the moment instead of chasing the next. So you stop, stop and stop. You use full stops now instead of commas. You end…

The music was loud and the floor beneath us was vibrating to the sound of music. Our hands and feet trembling to the bass. I always hated loud music. It feels like noise. I cover my ears to the sound of your breath in an empty room. I guess that…

Translucent Thoughts


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